And I'd just want to go home.
A pink Dakkus looking right
At 5:40 I woke up, after having slept 1h50min.
At 7:15 I was in harbour.
At 9:00 the ship left (it was the first day when the ship left at 9 instead of 8. The internet page didn't know that..)
At 12:00 I was in the other harbour.
At 12:30 I was inside the first truck I had seen in the harbour.
Around nine in the evening I was at the Polish border, where the truck driver went sleeping.
Around ten I found the next truck.
Around nice in the morning I was at a service station near Poznan.
I had not slept in the night.
15:30 I was at Berlin-Ostkreuz, noticing I had no home and no money on my phone.
Some minutes later at Ostbahnhof, charging my phone with 15€. The queue was long.
16:10 I started trying to call my friends.
16:13 my phone's battery died. I was still without a place to stay.
16:21 I had found a Steckdose and was calling my friends again.
Eventually I found a place to stay, at a friend's place. In my old downstairs.

That was four days ago.
Since then I have been looking for a flat.
The flats are gone within 45 minutes from appearing on the web site.
One seemed very very potential. Managed to be close to Potsdam and close to Ostkreuz at the same time. I was at the view. The person operating the renting process was not there, but her boyfriend organized the view. He said that if he could decide, I would get the flat. But, he was not planning to communicate about how the potential renters are.
In the end, not even the girl had anything to do with the decision. It would be made by Hausverwaltung, the big dudes responsible for the whole big house. Without any communication with the people organizing the view. I was sent information regarding where to send my application. The info was sent to an incorrectly written mail address. In Germany my full name has been _NEVER_ been written correctly in any important occassion. Banks, apartments, Anmeldung, you name it. The people here just do not consider it important spelling foreign names correctly. I am not the only one with this problem, nor is it a problem only among Finns.

I looked for other flats, which had sometimes disappeared before appearing and sometimes just weren't open for public to rent anyway.
Found one, which said: Call at earliest at 20:15, view at 20:30. I took my bike, was there at 20:15. Called.
Answer: "Come tomorrow. When would it be good?"
Counter-answer: "Because of my work only sometime between 21 and 21:30. Is that too late?"
Counter-counter-answer: "It is a very good time"
Reaction: "Wonderful, see you tomorrow."
End: "Yes, see you!" (Call ends)
I had biked 10km to get there. I biked 10km to get back from there.
The next day comes, at eight I end my work day. I have 60 minutes of time to travel a distance normally taking 30 minutes.

In July there was a terrible chaos in the Berlin public transportation: 66% of the S-Bahn stock was out of use because the management had, in order to get better bonuses, told S-Bahn not to do any safety checks on its equipment and the federal railway inspection had found out what is going on. It was hellish. Many S-Bahn services were cancelled, everything was running late. But, at least you got to your destination.
Yesterday it was found out that starting from 2004 they had always forgotten to add one screw to the brakes while maintaining the trains. I do not know how they had not noticed a huge pile of screws gathering on their floor. Result: In most of the trains the brakes don't work correctly. Meaning that 75% of S-Bahn trains are out of service. This time so many services have been cut, that there is no chance of getting to destination with some S-Bahn lines. Some 30 stations have been completely closed.

I really need to get a flat, because if my dear dear beloved girlfriend has no flat by October 1st, he is thrown back to Russia, although she does have a study place and everything. Of course, something will be worked out, but I still have stress.

So, it was around 20:05, I sat at the platform at the Alexanderplatz station. On the screen was a text saying the next train arrives at 20:17. Next to it was a text saying the train is at least 15 minutes late. Meaning, the train would come at earliest at 20:30.
Suddenly, at 20:09, the screen changed. It now told there will be a RB-train replacing the S-Bahn service, arriving at 20:08.
In order to know whether I should take the U-Bahn or not, I asked the DB workers roosting around, if the train really was gonna come and if it would come in the next three-four minutes. They answered positively and I sat. At 20:15 the information about that train disappeared and was replaced by the previous information about a train coming if it bothers.
I did take the U-Bahn. U8 to the southern end station, Hermannstraße.
At Hermannstraße I changed to Ringbahn. First there was a train on line S46. According to the signs going to Südkreuz like me, according to its own front ending at Hermannstraße. Like other people, I boarded the train. It is normal for the train's front to show quite random things. Loudspeakers: "This train does NOT go to Südkreuz. This train ends here. All passengers please leave the train. This train does NOT go to Südkreuz. This train does NOT go to Südkreuz. This train does NOT go to Südkreuz." This last part was repeated about 78 million times. I think they should always tell where the train is NOT going instead of telling where it IS going. Would make life more interesting.
6 minutes later a train on the Ringbahn line came.
I needed to get to a place about halfway between S-Bahn stations Südende and Rathaus Steglitz. Because the both the line going to Südende and the line going to Rathaus Steglitz now run only every 20 minutes (because of the traffic disaster) and you change to them at different stations, I decided to go a few stops further, to change to U-Bahn. It would take more time, but I could be sure not to have to wait 20 minutes for the train.
I climbed down from the S-Bahn platform at Bundesplatz, following the signs leading to U-Bahn, ending up in the wrong platform. Up the stairs, away from the station, back down using other stairs. Annoying.
At the station I saw the timetable sign saying: Technical problem. Listen to what is told through loudspeakers.
Nothing was told through loudspeakers.
I pressed the button for the information telephone in the wall. The man on the other side of the wall answered.
- Could you please tell, when the next train on the line U9 will arrive at station Bundesplatz, heading south?
- A passenger has gotten a heart attack and they are reviving him. The trains cannot get anywhere. I can not say when a train will come
- Can you give an estimation? 5, 15 or 30 minutes?
- It will probably take about 20 minutes.
- Thank you very much for the information.

As I had been very very vigilant while watching the timetables at Hermannstraßse, I knew the next S-Bahn on the ring line would come 7 minutes after the one I had taken. I ran up from the ugly station, back to the S-Bahn station - which not ugly. Only boring. The train came nicely. Went one stop west with it, to the station where I could change to U3. The first time I have ever needed U3.
The station of U3 was really beautiful, like in St. Petersburg. Suddenly felt like being in Russia. Timetables worked similarly, station looked similar, et cetera, et cetera.
Two stops, changing to bus.
In the bus I realised I didn't really know where to leave the bus. But, with some logical thinking and a list of bus stops on the line I ended up at the best possible stop.
At 21:33 I was at the house. After having travelled for one and a half hours. Cool, yea?
It was the kind of area where I imagined it could be nice living for, say, 10 years. Peaceful neighborhood, good transport connections, nice looking house.
I called by phone, asking which doorbell to press.
- Hmm, what?
- I came to the flat view, as agreed.
- What?
- As agreed, I to the flat view came.
- Oh.
- Yes.
- I have already rented out the flat. I just have not told anybody.
- Oh.
- The flat is gone. Bye.
- Oh. Bye.

I wanted to cry. I did cry. I wanted to cry some more. I did cry some more.
I walked to S-Bf Rathaus Steglitz, finding zero point zero shops selling cold beer. Did not drink cold beer. Found a pizzeria where pizza was cheap but workers were lauging at me for not eating meat, while I was waiting for the pizza to get ready.
I wanted to get to the cheapest internet cafe in town, which is conveniently along the U-Bahn line starting at Rathaus Steglitz.
Of course the U-Bahn was partially under renovation and a few stations had to be gone by bus.
Out from the metro.
Up the stairs.
Watching the back lights of a bus with the rest of the passengers of the U-Bahn train.
Waiting 10 minutes, boarding bus.
Leaving bus.
Down the stairs.
Watching the back lights of a metro train with the rest of the passengers wanting to get to that metro train.
Waiting 10 minutes, boarding train.
It was about 23:00, I had travelled for 3 hours, reaching no meaningful destination. I really wanted the beer.
Now it is 01:19, the internet things have been written. I will go sleeping and come back here tomorrow before 11:00.
Of course, the traffic working less than perfectly, the trip there and back will be, well, interesting.

And I'd just want to go home.

History themed amusement park.
A pink Dakkus looking right
We've been having fun.
In Berlin there is a DDR museum that the visitors really love. There you can to sit on good old couches of the style couches were in socialist times. You are allowed to touch everything, to use the things, to be as if you were living your normal life in a socialistic state.
Why do you need a museum for this stuff? We have been shopping.

We need to buy furniture for the flat Lena's father owns. We will live there for about week and then it will be rented - or, he will try to rent it out, anyway. All the closets, shelves and everything is from the Soviet times, the house has never been renovated. Plates, cups, cleaning instruments. Toilet. In the living room there is a horn with a lenin-flag hanging from it.

In the furniture shop I was amazed of how everything looks just like I've understood socialism used to look like. "Who buys these things" that's what I thought. But we were not in the shop to look at new furniture that looks as if it was stolen from a museum. We were there in order to choose a nice coach that opens as a bed. Of course it had to suit the flat's colour scheme. And interestingly enough, the Soviet style couches didn't look all that bad. An ikea style couch would have looked totally out of place, so we ruled such things out. We were going to buy a very socialistic couch, but ended up finding another one that was 200 Rubles cheaper, was more ergonomic and even looked a bit less like the good old days that give orgasms to Putin.

I wonder if this country will ever become capitalistic.

While coming from the shop where they sell ugly blankets, we saw a Paz-bus standing at the side of a main road, in a seemingly irrational spot. Not close to any intersections, houses or anything. But not especially far away from such things, either. The Paz-bus was filled with soldiers. Wonder what that was about.

A pack of noodles costs 2,70 roubles.
A pink Dakkus looking right
Once upon a time a boy in St. Petersburg came to the bus stop, saying very proudly to his girlfriend: "I biked after your trolleybus in order to save 20 roubles!"
The answer was: "You idiot! You should have biked after a taxi to save 200 roubles!"
But it was a lot of fun. The only problem is that you need to slow down quite a bit if you want to stay right behind the thing.

Yesterday, when we came home, we were hungry. Actually we were hungry already on the way home. So, we went to a shop. We didn't have very much money, but by digging through all of our pockets we could gather enough money together in order to buy a pack of noodles. 45 roubles are one euro.

The beer that had a nice label turned out to bezalkogolnoe. I am sad. But happy.

Everything that comes to my mind.
A pink Dakkus looking right
It's been more than half a year since I wrote something over here the previous time.
Why? Because I haven't bothered spending enough time in internet.
Haven't had an internet connection at home for quite some time now, so I've been using internet cafés only.
Found one in Berlin that cost only 30c/hour, though. But that one's quite a trip away from anything (especially while writing this)

What have I been doing?

Been leading a steady life with a lovely girlfriend. Not seeing my friends all that much, but being me, I don't seem to be very discontent about it.
Funnily enough, I've had a Finnish flatmate in Berlin, because I moved together with a Russian woman.

For the first three-four months of the year I worked in a so called Stadtteilzentrum, for which something like "district centre" would be the closest (although, I must give correct, one of the worst possible) translation. Anyway, it's something of a social-cultural meeting place mostly for families.

After that I spent some time hunting for a job, eventually finding myself being a fundraisin again. Although using German instead of my native tongue, I ended up having a higher-than-average efficiency. They also would really have wanted to promote me, which would have given me responsibility over a handful of fundraisins, including that I would regularly go fill in at the last part of their conversations. They say I am very good in motivating other people to be more efficient. And even in a foreign language I can do my job well enough that I can help some native speakers get through something they would never get through alone.
The workplace's been quite in awe becaus of me. I guess it is actually because the person who decided to employ me felt like taking a big risk. When I got the job he said: "Normally I would have to say that your language skills are not enough for this job.. But you are so cool it is just impossible saying no to you. So, let's fill the papers."
He had told about me to somewhat everybody and when I then came for my first workday, everybody seemed to be really enthusiastic me, even though they had never met me.
And, when I on my first day did 50% of the team efficiency of our 4-person-team, I did not let them down.

But alas, I had to say no to the proposition of climbing up the ladder, because I can't live in Berlin in August, which is when I would have been needed the most. The thing is, my girlfriend, a Russian, won't be able to have a new stay permit for Germany, the land of happy sunshine and blah. Not at least for the next couple of months. In October perhaps again. That remains to be seen, but I actually find it currently very likely.
During that time, a few months, she will have to live in St. Petersburg. Since I am very unkeen to spending two whole months away from my girlfriend, I will go there, as well.

This does mean some extra hurdles for my life.
And many people might be unhappy of things going like this. I moved to Berlin because I wanted to live my life there. And what happens? I end up in Russia. With a small chance for a whole year. But being unhappy is actually not the case with me, because the most important thing that I lose, is my job getting even more interesting. But, I mainly see job or career as mere tools for reaching other goals in life. Sacrificing the goal for a tool actually would make no sense at all, so I am very content. I mostly just find all this stuff kinda funny.
And maybe something to be proud of.
The last weeks have been weeks of being proudly content with my life.

Something I am also very proud of is having made it hitchhiking from Berlin to Tallinn in two days. I had to wait two hours in Michendorf (after eating dirt cheap but delicious chinese food) before getting the ride, but it then brought me all the way to Panevezys in Lithuania, through the whole Poland. I caught the car by running to the car with Lithuanian plates. The driver first said there's no place for me on the front seats of his van, to which I said I am happy to stay in the back, even if there are no benches there. He found it okay, moved the stuff from the front seat to the back of the van and told me to sit in the front. And so we drove. To Plock in Poland, where we overnighted. And then onwards, until we were near his home town, Panevezys, and I left the car at a good hitchhiking place. It was trying to start to rain, but the rain was too slow and I got inside quickly enough.
The next car came very quickly, bringing me from Panevezys to Pärnu, skipping Latvia.
In Pärnu I was a bit lost with directions, but a girl waiting for his boyfriend to pick her up took me to their car and brought me to another part of the city, to a better hitchhiking place.
I got the ride to Tallinn very quickly.

And was in Tallinn only 20 minutes after the last ship had left \o/
After three or four or whatever beers with a Estonian-born Russian man who could speak Finnish but no Estonian, I built my tent in a forgotten bush very close to the harbour and slept for two hours, taking the second ship to Helsinki.
Saw some friends, had so much hurry that I've been forgetting to sleep.
In five nights I slept on average 5 hours per nights.
Now I'm at my grandmother's place in middle-Finland and have been sleeping the last two nights long and well :)
Hitchhiking here went fine, as well. A minibus of Swiss people on the way to Iisalmi brought us right to the middle of the village of Toivakka, where we needed to get to. It was even a few kms of shortcut for them :)

As the last thing to say:
Having been in Berlin has made me grow quite a bit. I now seem to be a lot more sure about myself than I have been before. Somehow I just have the feeling that in the end, I know what I am doing. Even if my future is a complete mystery to me.

On the 31st my visa will be ready, on the 2nd I will board the bus towards east.

But yeah, now I will have to go eating!

Жизнь как я это хочу.
A pink Dakkus looking right
Я скучаюууууу...
Финляндия дла меня как 1,5 месяци тюрма.

Had I known how my life would turn out, I wouldn't have travelled away. А сейчас она не в Берлине. Что я делал бы там? С:
А я хочу, хочу, хочу. Even if it is impossible at this moment. Но у меня(/наш) время.

Pheww.. Checking this text with a translating machine revealed that the order you put words into has an incredible effect on the meaning of a Russian sentence. Thus, must be careful. Not only is it dangerous writing because you might end up peeing. You might also end up saying you want to avoid something you want more than anything.
But still, the above text was written without a dictionary and if not grammatically correct, it should at least convey the meant information. I hope.

Hämmennys, viha ja maailman kauneimmat asiat.
A pink Dakkus looking right
For practical reasons the following post is written in Finnish.

Kone soittaa Zen Cafén biisiä "Stop". Se soi, koska oikein kiva likka tahtoi kuulla musiikkia.
- Jaa, mitä saisi olla?
- Jotain suomalaista.
Yritän soittaa Y.U.P.:ta. Juuri siksi.
- Kelpaako?
- Ei, kun tarkoitin romanttista musiikkia.
Zen Cafén Stop-levy soimaan. Tykkään hirveästi tästä levystä.
Stop, en rakastua saa! Se tietää vaan surua ja muhreeksi käy.
Biisin alkupuolella sanotaan mm:
tuoksusi pyörryttää mut
puoleeni kumarrut

Miksi naisten pitää aina mäjähdellä tuollaisina ryppäinä vastaan?
No, huomenna näen sen jota olen Berliiniin melkein viikoksi jäänyt odottamaan. Yhden sain torstaina ravisteltua pois, toisen kanssa en ole enää viikkoihin tekstaillut, että saa tähän touhuun jotain järkeä.
Perjantaina sitten lähtö Suomeen puoleksitoista kuukaudeksi.
Liput pitäisi oikeastaan ostaa tänään.
Kunhan ensin käyn Maybachuferin turkkilaisella torilla ostelemassa tänne vihanneksia.

Mainitaan nyt vielä, että on ihana kun on hyviä kavereita jotka välittää. Ja paikka, johon on tervetullut, kun muu maailma potkii päähän ja munille.

A story of a Thursday evening.
A pink Dakkus looking right
I love this city, it's a very very special place. And so think also many other people. It is hard making friends here, because the Germans don't trust that a foreigner blaybs more than a month or so. Why bother, if the person disappears right away anyway? And the non-Germans, then again, well.. They indeed disappear back to their home countries after having /experienced/ Berlin.

Hehe, the French are funny people.
I don't think I will ever again accept route directions from French people. Yesterday was something like the tenth time that I've tried it. And about that same something-like-tenth-time that I couldn't find my destination using the given directions.
Looking for "Cuba Café" in Wühlischstraße. I asked three times, if they were sure it is on that street, because I didn't know of such place and I know that street relatively well.
After looking for a long time, we finally found Bar Habana at Grünberger Straße, a parallel strasse of Wühlischstraße, two block from the street away. That's where the people had been, but of course weren't any longer, as we arrived too late.

Ю, whom I was trying to direct to the place where her friends were, still wanted to check Wühlischstraße again, also because she had grown curious to where we were and suddenly appearing on Warshauer Straße enabled her to locate herself on a map.
We of course didn't find the Kneipe we had already found elsewhere, but the ice cream was outstandingly extremely shmecky.
Yoghurt-Stracciatella-Strawberry in the perfect balance.
I got to eat a bit of it, as well, maybe ended up eating about one third of it, when se kept on letting me eat a bit.
The almost-full moon was shining beautifully and I enjoyed the walk. A partial reason for me showing the place rather IRL than from a map.

On the third or fourth time while asking "So, we're not gonna find them. What now?"
I finally got the answer "I don't know... But could I stay at your place, because the place where I now live is so very far away?"
Yeah, indeed does somebody live even further away from F'hain than I do. In the unknown depths of cold west.

We had quite a good luck with the tram change, only having to wait about 12 minutes for the tram to appear. The 15-minute walk from the tram stop to home took probably about 2½ minutes, because it was walked with the Russian walking (running?) speed with very interesting company.

Got home, the man in the reception smiled funnily after me answering past 2:00 in the Thursday-Friday night that "she's a friend of mine".
Once we at last stopped conversating, I slept very well on the camping mattress on the floor. Probably because my hand was on the bed next to me, under another hand.
Unlike normally, the cool and foggy morning didn't feel even the slightliest bit depressing, because I had left home after hugging and kissing somebody for the twenty minutes between the alarm clock ringing and me having to run to the bus stop.
I am very very tired after having come home so very late. But I am not only tiered, but happy and tired. This text should testify quite well to how perfectly my brain works right now. But still, I seem to be able to do my work without any problems - something's giving me superhuman strengths.

Today I'll hopefully see her. Then, in Saturday she'll go to Amsterdam for a rather spontaneous visit.
Might see her once, possibly twice before I leave for Slovenia and Italy. I will be back on the last day of August. In the middle of September she'll be back in Moscow.

A weekend.
A pink Dakkus looking right
In Saturday there were surprisingly many nice people at the tea house. It was nice sitting outside babbling with the friends. Then I noticed some people had petanque balls with them and I asked if I could join them in the game. They agreed and we got on going. First we went to a Getränkemarkt to buy some beer, vodka, water and juice. A lucky visit, because I found at last what I've been looking for: A place with a decent supply of good foreign beers with somewhat acceptable price tags. Chimay Blauw costs even there four time as much as in Belgium, but at least it's not seven times the Belgian price like elsewhere :)
When we were walking to the place where we were to play the game, I was wondering why we walked through so many perfect places for playing petanque. And when I finally asked where the frog we're going, the answer was "there, hear the music?"
And yes, I did. A nice bass rhythm was floating in the air, crawling towards my ears. Nice. The terrain was a bit bumpy for playing petanque, but the game quickly became unimportant. What would be nicer than accidentally ending up being in a party on a meadow with a DJ playing dub, old computer game music and nicely melodic computer music? (and often pieces that were nice mixtures of those three)

The party went on with its very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Eventually I started feeling a bit cold, because I wasn't wearing any shoes and didn't have a long-sleeved shirt. So, I borrowed someone's bike to get my stuff from the tea house. While there, I also grabbed the bag including the mölkky game to play it on the field. And, nicely enough, Ike had just cooked some nice potato salad that I could quickly eat before going back to the party :)
The people really liked playing mölkky and I think I'll get a chance to play it again.
It was already past two in the night when I at last got going towards home.
Slept well.

In sunday I then washed my clothes. This time there were enough of those freaky washing machine coins around, so I could be let into the washing machine room. The washing machine was having fun with its clock, like it always does. 60 minutes left, 25 minutes left, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 35 minutes and so on.. This time the washing ended up taking 1h 17min, the timer usually saying it would take about 20 more minutes. Luvli.
Wore (at last..) clean clothes, stepped into bus. From bus to U-Bahn, from U-Bahn to get my backpack and computer from Friedrichshain. Again to U-Bahn, 30 minutes of S-Bahn and then bus. I was at my friend's place a bit after seven, having started washing my clothes at around three.
Interestingly spent day.
It took about four seconds fixing the computer problem so that Irene could use her new iPod. I got good food and conversated a bit about this and that. And got to copy some stuff from her iPod. ..which ended up being quite difficult, because apparently it should be impossible doing that. ITunes of course didn't let me copy anything directly. The files on the iPod reside in a directory Finder refuses to show. When I at least found my way through, using the terminal, I noticed all the songs had four randomly chosen capital letters as their names. Nice trying to find the correct ones.. But, I succeeded by comparing the file sizes and modification dates. Now I've got a lot of good Italian rap on my machine. And feel like a winner, having crawled my way around the stupid restrictions.
ls -lh * | grep 2006 | grep 9M | grep Nov
cp */YFXH.mp3 /users/dakkus/desktop/caparezza
and so on.

Now sitting in a S-Bahn, going home. Left Irene's place at 23:30. Will arrive home at 01:12. It's a big city.

A pink Dakkus looking right
The day before yesterday my bike's back wheel made a loud noise, emptying the back tube in less than a second. Interesting. i then walked my bike the last few hundred meters to the tea house.
I didn't have a tube repairing kit around, so I left the thing for the next day and went home by bus.
Yesterday I then tried fixing the tube. Luckily it still counted more as a puncture than a rupture and the hole should be fixable. However, the outer tyre is worn out. The tube's broken because there was a direct way for a stone to sneak inside for its cruel terrorist attack. No reparation procedures shall be committed before the tightened security regulations have been met. In other words, I'm gonna have to buy a new outer tyre for my back wheel, as it will otherwise go kaboom again.
It's interesting how crap my dear bike now is.
I have ridden it about 150...200 km per week since April, so that's something like 2000 km. The back lamp has seized to function because of some electrical problem. The back wheel mysteriously detaches every now and then while accelerating. Sometimes it happens five times a day, sometimes once per five days. Go figure. Luckily the only thing that results from such detaching is an automatic full breaking. Just like some train or so :))
The saddle's not keeping straight anymore, the front light broke when I had too much stuff in my big backpack and the breaks couldn't bear the weight on the bike in a bike road intersection.
But the most interesting thing is that the back tyre has indeed worn out in 2000km. Shouldn't really be possible. Of course I have never before tried riding 1000km in +30°C..

Ah well. Anyway, since I couldn't fix my bike - or it would anyway have made no sinn fixing it - I've had to use the public transportation instead. That means waking up 30 minutes earlier, because the bus leaves at 08:10 while with bike 08:40 is enough. It also means me going to sleep later, because getting back home in the evening takes a long time. Last night sure was the record about that. I had to help a friend of mine to close a window, so I missed the last U-Bahn by a few tens of seconds. Since I had to transport my bike home, I couldn't use the night bus and had to take the tram instead. Of course the tram was 50 seconds faster than I was and I didn't make it. I walked with bike the 800m to the stop where I was supposed to change trams. Of course both of the possible trams left in front of my eyes.
I had to wait about half an hour for the next tram. Of course that tram had to then make a detour around my stop, forcing me to walk about one kilometer extra. Altogether the trip took me almost 2 hours to complete. And I've been complaining of the way home usually taking 40 minutes...

Ah well, this morning wasn't really any better. I wanted to try if I could reach a possible earlier tram so that I would be a while earlier at workplace. From the timetables it was clear that there wouldn't be any risks in it. The change from U-Bahn to tram would be long enough that it could in no way fail. And in a way it also didn't fail. Since the tram tracks were being rebuilt, there was a bus replacing the trams until a certain stop, where passengers then had to exchange to the tram waiting there. So, basically if you make it to the bus, you are already in the tram. I almost missed the bus, though, because it's destination schild said "route ends here" meaning that the bus won't take any new passengers. Luckily I noticed there were still people inside and got the bus to stop again. But being in the bus meaning practically being in the tram is quite theoretical. It did indeed work so that when the bus arrived, the tram left. It would, however, have been very nice if the tram had waited the 40 seconds for the passengers and not left at the same moment the bus opened its doors.
So, stranded there, I took another tram on the same road to go to some stop with those timetable screens. Logically the stop with an exchange from S-Bahn doesn't have those screens, but luckily a smaller stop did have them. There it got clear to me that the tram that I had missed because of the interesting replacement traffic has drives once every 20 minutes. I wasn't too keen to waiting that long, so I jumped out of the tram where I was in order to take another route, going first by one tram for five stops and then changing again. Of course I first had to wait a while for the tram to arrive and then the exchange failed, forcing me to wait the maximum time again.
I ended up coming precisely 20 minutes late to my workplace, so the result was the same as if I had waited for the next tram on my usual route.
I could have been clever and changed a few stops later, which would probably have saved me almost 10 minutes. But, it's a bit late thinking about that now. I still don't remember the whole Berlin tram map, but these kinds of things are perfect for learning it.

The positive things yesterday? I got people to play mölkky, which is a great outdoors game. And I even won once. I also got back the Lithuanian study book that I had forgotten in a bar. A friend of mine had noticed it and taken it with him.
That means I can keep studying that stuff without having to pay another 30€. If I wasn't so very tired, this day would be very okay. But, having slept only about five hours, I am right now just very stressed. In the morning I was so stressed that I was sweating all the time even if I wasn't doing anything at all.

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A pink Dakkus looking right
Я люблю Русский водкакултур!

At around 21:25 I was at the tea house (Had been there for quite a while, though). I got an idea: "Hey, I'll go get some Vodka for us!" And so I did. I borrowed Tabea's (Lauris's gf) bike and rode to OstBf, where the shops are open until 22:00. I bought the cheapest Vodka in Lild 4,99€/0,50l (40%) and came back to the Tea House. We played Dealers, a very nice game in which you buy and sell drugs.

We three emptied the half a liter of Vodka and had a lot of fine. The game of course didn't get finished, but whatever. I am happy. I'm not too drunk, but still on a happy mood.
Now I'll go home anyway, got work tomorrow.
I think I will not have a hangover, so everything's perfect.

It was good visiting Russia a bit over a year ago. Without that I would never have learned the proper protocol for drinking Vodka. This time we drank for the game "Dealers", for Death, for me (!) and for many other things. Me happy.


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